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Friday, August 18, 2017 8:32 PM

Recently, I was fishing the artificial May Reef system and surrounding waters, looking for sharks.  When shark fishing I rely on circle hooks.  I don’t like using  steel leader, as it tends to break off.  While I do lose a few to cutoffs, all in all the circle hook is much easier on the fish, and makes catch and release less of a hassle.  

We concentrated on using ladyfish, chunking for sharks, which produced some takers in small lemon sharks.  And later a couple of nurse sharks to 5’ long.  These gentle giants were release nicely back into the wild.  In the surrounding area, we pulled in some Gag grouper to 23”, along with a small Goliath grouper about the same size.  

Spanish mackerel have been jumping as well, along with a few catfish in the mix.